Music Conversations, Reggetiko Project


Project Reggetiko is a musical meeting between people with very different creative roots, who share the same love for creative improvisation and direct musical interaction. The two main pillars of the musical stimuli are acoustic Reggae and Rembetiko. The idea for the project emerged when Theodore Koumartzis and Fransesco Riotta (Sise Kolombali) began jamming together, mixing rhythms and melodies that seemed foreign to each other, yet fitted together melodically, while Anthony Passias and Nick Papanikoloudis left their mark at Reggetiko’s first recordings. Sokratis Votskos joined the project to give new approaches and found a strong base, on which, later on, Kostandinos Papoudas and Tzelos Linos were added in order to expand these musical horizons and take the project in new directions.
The result is an experimental, collective form of expression that treats music and improvisation as a way of communication between people. Our philosophy is that simple or complex, music making should always be characterized by mutual respect and honesty. For more visit: www.reggetiko.com

Περιγραφή Προϊόντος


1. 30 fila

2. dancing zebra

3. la vuelta

4. mikos kimatos

5. reggetiko

6. it’s me

7. sporos

8. raktivan

9. atonos (mujica dijo)

10. koufitsa – Evagoras Bek remix

11. raktivan – Jeriko remix

Λοιπά στοιχεία: 

Cover: Olga Doulkeridou

Mastering: Evagoras Bek

Production: Theodoros Koumartzis

Musicians: Sokratis Votskos (soprano sax, clarinet, duduk), Nikos Papanikoloudis (Ney, oud), Antonis Passias (udu), Kostandinos Papoudas (el. guitar), Sise Colombali (acustic guitar), Theodoros Koumartzis (baglama, melodica, charango) and Andrie Euripidou (vocals).

Παραγωγή: iRec Music Productions 2015